Benefits & Exposures  
(1) Create, Develop and Enhance Credibility:
  IBE has gained a strong, credible and international brand that resonates with driven and multicultural audience. Advertisers will be able to closely align themselves with our exhibition and leverage our credibility with your businesses.
(2) Generate New Leads and Form New Business Partnerships:
  IBE provides an opportunity to consolidate business relationships and a platform to showcase latest products and services within the most prominent beauty, hair, cosmetic, nail and spa exhibition in Malaysia. IBE will also enable your organization to create new relationships with other advertisers, vendors, speakers, attendees and member of the press.
(3) Promoting Brands to Right Target Group:
  Advertising in a right channel provides a means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your organization’s image, prestige and credibility to a selected target audience.
(4) Leveraged Lead Generation:
  The demographic that are attracted to engage with IBE are likely to be people who are within this industry. Therefore, advertisers not only are able to reach these people directly, but also those who will have the brands recommended to them in the future.
(5) Media Exposures:
  IBE has its own marketing efforts to make sure that the exhibition is well attended and successful. In tagging along with us, the advertiser will automatically receive the benefits of being promoted and marketed through local media as well as national and international campaigns. This could provide extended exposure and visibility in markets you have not tapped into yet.
  For more enquiries on Exhibitor Marketing Opportunities, please contact:
PR & Communications Department
Tel: (603) 5891 1157 ext 116
Email: [email protected]